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The Red Cross Babysitter Course is designed to provide young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible and capable babysitters. Aimed at individuals aged 11-15, this course covers essential topics related to childcare, safety, and emergency preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness: The course covers how to recognize and respond to common emergencies such as fires, severe weather, and medical emergencies while babysitting.

Problem-solving and Decision-making: Participants learn how to handle common challenges and conflicts that may arise while babysitting, including strategies for communication and conflict resolution.


Babysitting Basics: Participants learn about the responsibilities and expectations of a babysitter, including communication with parents, setting boundaries, and engaging with children of different ages.

Child Care Essentials: Instruction is provided on how to interact with children in a safe and nurturing manner, including age-appropriate activities, playtime, and bedtime routines.

Safety and First Aid: Participants learn about potential hazards in the home and how to prevent accidents and injuries. Basic first aid skills are taught, including CPR techniques for infants and children, as well as how to respond to choking emergencies.


Includes first aid American red cross certification (valid for 2 years)

The Babysitter Course typically includes interactive activities, group discussions, and hands-on practice to reinforce learning. Upon successful completion, participants receive certification that demonstrates their readiness and competence as babysitters. This certification may be required or preferred by families when hiring babysitters, and it can also be a valuable addition to a young person’s resume or portfolio.