The mission of Bee’s Knees Group (BKG) is to educate and inspire our youth. Often times as parents and leaders it takes a different perspective to persuade the youth to see different.

Bee's Knees Group Mission

Hive Apprentinceship Program


The Bee’s Knees nonprofit derived from a nurse with a dream to be an influence to those who are interested in being an entrepreneur, but lack the opportunity and resources to approach starting up.  My passion as the owner is to assist the youth in finding their interest and cultivating ways to make it monetary income.    

The Bee in the logo represents the system and symbolizes the role that they all play in a functional system.  Our focus is on training the youth NOW about their relevance in the world.  The youth ARE IMPORTANT!  THEY are our future!  

The lotus flower represents life.  The lotus flower seed can lay dormant in muddy waters for over a thousand years, then when the setting is just right they root from the lake bottom and bloom on the surface of the water.  We all have talents, hopes and dreams, and it may take a while for a combination of the right setting to produce that win.  Our goal is to create the environment conducive to students making their hope and dreams attainable through training in soft and transferable skills.   

Ways you can give

Event Sponsor 

Sponsor a program at an upcoming event! 

Emergency Student Relief Fund 

For those who are facing an unforeseen emergency which caused a stumbling block in their training


Annual Scholarships: A donation which creates a temporary named scholarship effective through the duration of your contribution.  To be dispursed the year of the contribution 

In Kind Donation: Contribution of a product or service in lieu of a cash contribution

Building Renovations:  Donations given to create a learning environment for entrepreneurship and training.  

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