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North Carolina Nurses, It’s Time to Vote in the Nursing Election!

As nurses, we are at the frontline of healthcare, advocating for our patients every day. But it’s not just within the walls of hospitals and clinics that we have the power to make a difference. The nursing election is upon us, and it’s crucial that we exercise our right to vote.

Did you know that only a small percentage of nurses who are actively involved in direct patient care are currently part of nursing boards? This means that decisions affecting our profession, patient care standards, and healthcare policies are being made without the direct input of those who truly understand the challenges and needs on the floor. Do you have a nurse that understands what its like to do a med pass with unnecessary computer documentation? Do you have a nurse that understands having more than 20 patients on a med pass? How active are your nurses that are elected in office to vet decisions based off of real life present experiences?

By casting your vote, you have the opportunity to elect representatives who will fight for our profession and ensure our voices are heard. Your vote can shape the future of nursing, influencing policies, staffing ratios, and professional development opportunities. I am Dachia Thompson, B.S. HCM, LPN, an active nurse that has and still works within the nursing floor. I truly understand the needs of the everyday nurse from and administrative to floor nurse perspective.

Let’s change the statistics and ensure that the nursing boards accurately represent the diverse experiences and perspectives of nurses on the frontlines. Each and every vote counts, and together, we can and will create a stronger, more united nursing community.

Don’t let others make decisions for us. Lets make room for nurses at the table! Take a stand, make your voice heard, and cast your vote in the nursing election. Together, we can shape the future of nursing and continue to provide the best possible care for our patients. Remember, change starts with you – so let’s vote and be the advocates our profession needs! If you would like to preview the NCBON bulletin for this session (especially page 8 lol) click here.

To Vote:

  1. Log onto your Gateway account here.
  2. Locate the election logo.
  3. Click ‘View Candidates’ to the left of the logo.
  4. Review the bios and responses.
  5. Cast your vote once you review the Slate and make your decision.
  6. Click on the photo of the candidate you would like to select.
  7. Confirm your selection by clicking on the pop-up asking for confirmation.
  8. Click ‘OK’ to cast your vote.

According to the website, voting is now open and lasts until midnight, August 15. Full Bio’s and Responses of the Slate of Candidates can be found on the Nurse Gateway

If you would like further information on voting for your fellow nurse, CLICK HERE.

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